News from Around the Wing

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American Youth Represent U.S. In International Exchange
By 1st Lt Ethan Berg, CAP
July 22, 2016
Top Civil Air Patrol Cadets Exchange with the International Aviation Community
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Brain Tumor Interrupts Cadet's Plan
By Kristi Carr
June 29, 2016
Cadet faces medical challenges after life changing events while attending college. Family accepting monetary assistance for continued and past treatment.
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Southeast Region Cadet Team Wins National Cadet Competition
By Volunteer Now Staff Writer
January 2, 2016
The Southeast Region Cadet Competition Team, based from Coral Springs Cadet Squadron in Florida takes first place during the annual National Cadet Competition. Learn more about all the teams that competed this year.
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Winter Encampment 2015
By Capt. Staten Corbett and 1st Lt. Gail Arnolds
December 28, 2015
Fifty-seven line and twenty-two support staff cadet members, as well as twenty-eight senior members began arriving at the Tyndall AFB Silver Flag area Saturday morning in order to prepare for the arrival of 196 basic cadets.