Public Affairs Training

Public Affairs Training for Seniors and Cadets
29-31 March 2019

Please arrive by 8:00pm on Friday. UOD civilian attire.
Saturday UOD blue and gray corporate for Seniors, ABU/BDU for Cadets.
Sunday UOD jeans and PAO T-shirts.

We will be housed at the Blue Thunder facility at Maxwell Air Force Base.

Participants will need to bring a bedroll, their toiletries and medications, a laptop, a snack to share, and a camera of some sort.

Lunch and dinner on Saturday will be at the base dining hall, covered by Wing. Breakfast both days will be furnished.

Each participant will receive a special T-shirt for the weekend.

Cost is $15 to help cover expenses.

Pay Now

All Seniors and Cadets performing in a PAO role, or interested in becoming a PAO, as well as Commanders, are encouraged to attend.

We aim to be finished by noon on Sunday.

For more information, or contact 1st LT Cindy Collette 205-305-0429