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CAP Emergency Services Training and Operational Missions CAPR 60-3
Critical Incident Stress Management CAPR 60-5
CAP Counterdrug Operations CAPR 60-6 
CAP Flight Management CAPR 60-1
Mishap Reporting and Investigation CAPR 62-2
Payment for Civil Air Patrol Support CAPR 173-3
CAP Aircraft Maintenance Management CAPR 66-1
Operation & Maintenance of CAP Vehicles CAPR 77-1

CAP General Emergency Services
GES Slides
GES Questionaire 

FEMA Incident Command System Courses
IS-100.b Introduction to Incident Command System

IS-200.b ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
IS-700.a National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction
IS-800.a National Response Framework, An Introduction
Other FEMA courses
ICS-300 and ICS-400 are in-residence courses and cannot be taken online. Contact the ALWG/DOS or your local EMA or Fire Dept to inquire about course offerings.
*Once FEMA ICS courses are completed, email your completion certificate to your unit ES Officer for credit in eServices

Aircrew Training Material
Aircrew & Flight Line Task Training Guide
Mission Aircrew Reference Text Vol I - Mission Scanner
Mission Aircrew Reference Text Vol II - Mission Observer & Mission Pilot
Operational Mission In-Flight Guide
Weight & Balance Worksheets
Aircraft ORM Worksheet
Ground to Air Signals

CAP-ALWG Search Grids Google Earth Layer
Google Earth Search Pattern KML Generator
Alabama Grids Handout
Converting a Pointer Cadet Practice Beacon to Use C Cell Batteries
Google Maps CAP Grid Tool
Aircrew Briefing Guide
Mandatory Radio Calls Handout
Water Survival
TDFM 136 Operators Manual
Becker DF-517 Manual
Becker DF-517 PowerPoint Presentation
Mission Pilot Training Slides
Other National Emergency Services Academy Mission Aircrew School presentations

GX-55 Deluxe Simulator
GX-55 Users Manual
GX-55 Quick Reference Guide
GX-55 Dealer/Customer Training Package
GX-55 Practice Exercises
GX-55 SAR Card
GX-55 SAR Intro Powerpoint
GX-55 MNWG Powerpoint

ICS 214 Unit Log
CAPF 5 CAP Pilot Flight Evaluation
 (ref CAPR 60-1)
CAPF 71 Aircraft Inspection Checklist (ref CAPR 66-1)
CAPF 91 CAP Mission Pilot Checkout (ref CAPR 60-1)
CAPF 104 Mission Flight Plan & Briefing Form (ref CAPR 60-3)
CAPF 104a SAR Results Worksheet (ref CAPR 60-3)
CAPF 104b Reconnaissance Summary (ref CAPR 60-3)
CAPF 108 Reimbursement for Individual CAP Member Expenses (ref CAPR 173-3)

CAP National Emergency Services Academy - Mission Aircrew School

Ground Team Training Material
Ground Team Reference Text
Ground Team & Urban Direction Finding Team Task Training Guide

GT Training Curriculum Powerpoints
CAP National Emergency Services Academy - Ground Search and Rescue School
ALWG Wing Emergency Services School
Ground to Air Signals
Alabama Snake Safety

ICS 214 Unit Log
CAPF 73 Vehicle Inspection Guide & Usage Data  (ref CAPR 77-1)
CAPF 106 Ground Interrogation Form (ref CAPR 60-3)
CAPF 108 Reimbursement for Individual CAP Member Expenses (ref CAPR 173-3)
CAPF 109 Ground Team Clearance & Briefing Form CAPF 109 (ref CAPR 60-3)

Incident Command Staff Training Material
Mission Staff Task Training Guide
AFRCC Inland SAR Planning Course (CAP Member Application)
Mission Documentation Requirements
CAP National Emergency Services Academy - Incident Command System School
AFRCC Inland SAR "Search Manager" Program
Exercise Cost Projection Worksheet
CAP-USAFI 10-2701 Incident Staff Position Checklists

ICP Sortie Status Board
ICP Mission Status Board
ICP Resources Status Board
ICP Taskings Status Board

ICS 201 Incident Briefing
ICS 205 Incident Radio Communications Plan
ICS 211 Personnel Sign-In Roster
ICS 214 Unit Log
ICS 218 Vehicle Sign-In Roster
ICS302L Lead Report Form
CAPF 107 Air Operations Log
CAPF 110 Radio Communications Log
CAPF 122 Search and Rescue Mission Report
Aircrew & Tasking Assignment Queues Worksheet