Iron Man Competition

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CAP Iron Man Competition

  October 12-13, 2018 hosted by the Redstone Squadron

The mission of the CAP Iron Man Competition is to incorporate the three
missions of CAP into one competition involving all members in a safe,
challenging and fun environment.
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Event Description 

The competition is comprised of graded segments that challenge participants in CAP's three missions: Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education and Emergency Services. This is accomplished through a series of challenge exercises in addition to the Iron Man Run (3-5 mile course).  These challenges are not your typical physical fitness test or land-nav course. The teams who compete in this event are comprised of six CAP members in good standing with their squadron and/or wing. Teams may be a mixture of males and females, cadets and senior members. Combined teams (members from multiple squadrons) must be approved by the Competition Director. The event is typically held within a 24-hour period, beginning on a Friday night and concluding Saturday afternoon.

Event Details

 When & Where

12-13 October, 2018
Monte Sano State Park
5105 Nolen Ave SE, Huntsville, AL 35801
 For team arrival instructions, see flier, rules document or team packet (to be sent to team leaders upon registration)
Registration Fee and Other Available Purchases (Use registration form to order, or contact Captain Benjamin Shea - email at bottom of page)
 Teams (6 members per team)
  • Includes t-shirts, breakfast & lunch
 $50 per team  
 Lunch for non-competitors on Saturday, Oct 13
 Extra T-shirt 
 CAP Iron Man Competition Coin (Original)

 Registration Process

Use the link below to register your team for the 2018 competition! Be sure to review the rules and other helpful information for competition specifics.  

Registration ends September 21st!!!!

   Want to be on staff?

We always need good volunteers to help make this a successful event.  If you'd like to volunteer to be on staff, please email Capt Benjamin Shea ( and provide your name & rank, membership status (Cadet or Senior Member), CAPID and contact information.  

   Rules & Other Helpful Info

 Click the link above to for this year's competition flier and the 2018 event rules.   


Transportation to and from the event is up to the individual teams. Any Alabama Wing Squadron that sends a team in a corporate vehicle, will be reimbursed for their fuel (Thanks Col. Lewis!).  

  Lodging Information
Lodging for team members and staff will be taken care of at the campsite. Teams need to plan for camping by utilizing personal/family tents or coordinating with team members to share a tent. Members may opt to sleep in a personally owned hammock or other outdoor resting devices. If a Senior Member doesn't want to stay there, they may opt to stay at a number of local hotels. 


Team members will be provided with breakfast and lunch on Saturday.  Teams should make plans to eat prior to arrival on Friday (Competition Director advises not to eat any full meal within 2 hours of arrival).  Spectators may purchase lunch Saturday if they so choose.  

   Uniform of the Day

TEAMS: Refer to rules and regulations for uniform requirements, including what to wear Friday night.  

CADRE: BDUs or ABUs are required for the duration of the competition unless advised otherwise by senior cadre. 

SPECTATORS:  Please wear clothing appropriate for a CAP event. Check the weather prior to arrival to plan accordingly. 

  Team payments

Squadrons paying for team participation or needing reimbursement for fuel in their vans should click here for more info.  


 Forward all questions and comments to the 2018 Competition Director Assistant, Captain Benjamin Shea.