Recruiting & Retention

Recruiting and Retention
The Recruiting and Retention program includes activities designed to make the Civil Air Patrol missions and activities attractive to the public and Civil Air Patrol’s current membership. The overall goal is to persuade and ensure that membership in Civil Air Patrol is worthy of the prospective, active, and inactive member’s time and commitment.
Functional Address:  CAP ALWG/RR
Recruiting and retention could best be described as human resources, salesmanship, and career development counseling. While every member of Civil Air Patrol is charged with the responsibility as a recruiter, appointed recruiting and retention officers carry the additional responsibility of full-time active pursuit of finding and retaining qualified individuals to fill the needs of the unit and the organization.

A "year-round" Recruiting Plan

To have a successful recruiting and retention program every squadron needs a proactive recruiting officer and every recruiting officer needs a plan.  CAP is not just something we do, it's something we are a part of and that is the start of a great recruiting campaign.  Where you put on a uniform to help with a community parade or post a picture of last weekend's unit activity on your Facebook page, we can all help recruit and spread the word about CAP.  Share how active your unit is in the community, tell your friends, co-workers, and family why you joined and all the great things you and doing.  A recruiting plan will help assess your unit and what it has to offer.  It will assist in prioritizing your unit goals and see what type potential members you want to target and need to accomplish those goals. 
Click here to find out How to Create a Recruiting Plan. 

Recruiting and Retention Officers Online Tool Kit

One of the recommendations made at the August 2015 national conference published in the "2015 CAP Recruiting and Retention Strategies Summary Report”  was the creation of on line "tool kits” for our Civil Air Patrol Recruiting and Retention Officers.  Therefore an on line recruiting officers tool kit has been established here and is meant to lay a foundation for our squadron recruiting officers recruiting activities out in the filed.  Below are basic, simple, inexpensive, proven, and easy to implement recruiting aids.
  1. Squadron Recruiting and Retention Officers Checklist (  Download)    
  2. Squadron Flyer Template ( Download)
  3. Card Board Tri-Fold Static Display.  An example of a static recruiting display (  Download)
  4. The recruiting officer should check the CAP prospective member list on eServices often for people that are interested in getting more information about the CAP and your squadron ( Link)
  5. Southeast Region Recruiting and Retention Facebook Group ( Link)
  6. Example of a CAP Public Service Announcement Template for a newspaper, trade publication, or social media. Some media sources will initially request a fee before they publish a Public Service Announcement, however many will waive the fee when you remind them that most of our funding goes to emergency services and cadet programs.  An example of a PSA template ( Download)
  7. An Open House Squadron Flyer Template ( Download)
  8. A Condensed Prospective Member Form (For use at recruiting events) is included as a PDF.( Download)
  9. A Powerpoint Presentation "Recruiting and Retention:  How can we improve?" (24 Oct 2015).(  Download)

Retention Interview Examples